The Exokine® Therapy

The Exokine®-serum is an innovative therapeutic concept for your skin quality.

Via the Exokine® therapy your doctor can utilise your own body’s capabilities to rejuvenate skin. Smooth and long lasting results (min. 9 months) continuously facilitate the well-being of your skin, activating your inner beauty.

The Exokine® therapy is a minimally invasive procedure.

The doctor will draw your blood and your personal serum is produced according to the Exokine® method. A treatment session typically lasts for 20 minutes.

Ask your doctor about the optimal sessions scheme for full and long lasting effects.

   The Exokine® Principle

Your body’s own capabilities are amplified by the Exokine®-technology and only the pure serum (Growth factors, proteins) is injected into the top intra-dermal skin layer.

The innovative and key difference to other products is the complete cell-free and additive-free nature of the serum.

You are solely treated with your body’s own proteins thereby ensuring a high safety profile of the therapy (no reported side-effects related to the serum so far).

The combination of growth factors and proteins are optimised for regeneration and well-being of your skin.

   The Exokine® Effects


  • Activation of skin’s own growth factors and proteins
  • Increased hydrobalance
  • Increased collagen production
  • Your skin starts glowing
  • Fresher and healthier looks
  • Anti inflammatory mode of action
  • The effects are naturally obtained

Pictures: By courtesy of Dr. S. Wagner-Schiffler

Watch how the Exokine® Technology can help transform your own blood into body’s own medicine for a powerful natural skin quality.